4 October, 2018.

4 October, 2018.

My journey.

I’ve been a photographer for nearly seven years, however I only started taking it seriously around one year ago. I started off using film. I liked that I had to really focus on learning how to, and use light properly. It also taught me how to keep a steady hand.

I have alway enjoyed taking photographs of people. To me, a face can tell many stories. So I started taking photos of my friends and family at gatherings, events, you name it.

It wasn’t enough.

After finding an abundance of street photographers on several social media platforms, I began to wonder whether that would be something I would be interested in trying. However I didn’t want to continue using film. I had become comfortable with it. If I was going to challenge myself, I wanted to do it properly. So I picked up my old dslr and took that out whenever I was with friends and continued shooting the same kind of photos in an attempt to understand how to use a digital camera again.

When I felt like I had enough knowledge, I began to invest in a decent camera, and started trying my hand at street photography.

I haven’t looked back.

Sure, there have been times when I wanted to try other styles such as portrait and drone photography but I didn’t feel as passionate about the work I was producing and so, inevitably, I now define myself as a street photographer. This isn’t to say I’m not going to continue experimenting with other genres though.


Beauty lies in everything.

Sometimes, it just takes a certain light for you to see it.